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Sunday, May 13, 2007

What to wear that wedding?

Okay, now you are in a quandary. Is it fancy? Is it simple?

What kind of people will show up. Unless you know the bride very well, in which case, you already have a dress - the bridesmaid dress, until then keep reading.

Here is the list, in order of importance. Trust Me!

Hair - Your hair will be the first thing that gets noticed. If you miss on this, it does not matter what you are wearing. Unless you are wearing a diamond encrusted dress( real diamonds), you will get talked about long after the wedding and for the wrong reasons.

Make Up - Less is more. You are going for a glow a la J.Lo. No heavy stuff here. Read Carmindys book from what not to wear on a "5 minute face"

Jewelry- Make this simple if more than one item. If one, a fantastic pair of earrings like that shown right works. Too much jewelry, you start to look like that old overdone woman everyone knows.

Shoes- When in doubt, mettalic shoes ALWAYS do the trick. Simple strappy. gold, silver, bronze, pewter ( your preference) works. Please get a pedicure beore wearing. From experience, I know people look at your feet.

Clutch - Make your clutch match your shoes.(Goes without saying)

Dress - When you dont want to upstage the bride and still look like a million dollars, then the above dress from edressme will do the trick. For more choices, click on the link.

Shawl - You will not look good if you are freezing or self conscious. A cashmere shawl is often too heavy for this( although they are my favorite items) A light chiffon shawl will keep you warm. Will not bulk to your clothing and can be held carelessly along with your clutch purse.


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