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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Diamond Body Type

To read more, click here Whats my Silhouette?

Description - you share a few similarities with the apple.
You have a smaller frame with narrow shoulders and back; medium, or smaller size bust and wider midriff with no defined waist.
Your body carries most of the weight in the middle section. Sometimes the waist is the largest measurement around the body. You have broad hips and generous thighs. At the same time, your buttocks may be flat and your lower legs are proportionately slender.


The Diamond Figure type has the following characteristics:
Shoulders are average or narrow
Face is proportionate to the body
Neck is well defined
Ribcage is average
Bust is small to medium size
Waist is undefined, carrying the weight in the front midsection with a potential for the “love handles”
Flat or average buttocks
Hips are usually medium to prominent
Thighs are slightly fleshy
Lower legs are shapely and proportionately slimmer to the overall body shape

Figure's Assets
The greatest Diamond Figure’s assets are:
Proportionate face, neck, and bust
Balanced thighs
Shapely legs
Great arms
Enhance and Balance

To enhance and balance the Diamond silhouette, the objective is to:
Balance narrow shoulders with softly squared off shoulder pads and horizontal, broadening necklines
De-emphasize tummy and a horizontal girth
Accentuate shapely legs
Draw the attention away from the midriff section to the face, shoulder, and neck areas

What to wear?

Jeans - make sure you stay away frm Tapered jeans. Once again, avoid the faded looks - dark rinses mostly. A classic boot cut jean works perfectly.

Tops- Tunics work best here. Assymetrical tunic tops etc.

Skirts - Once again, choose a skirt that flares gently frm the hips away from the body. Movement is essential in fitting your body type.

Jackets - choose a jacket that is loose on the bottom so that it does not pull across your hips or bottom, and choose tops that are fitted but flare out over your hips or thighs-

Dresses - A trapeze cut that once again flares gently and lots of movement is great for this figure type.

For a more detailed analysis of your body type, what to wear, where to shop. An excellent resource guide plus wardrobe planning tips plus a travel wardrobe planner are all included in our 25 page booklet. Its like taking your what not to wear team on a shopping trip.

Make fewer shopping mistakes.

Whats your Silhouette? "Figure it out"

With the great response I had to the building a core wardrobe segment, I decided to expand the concept to include several other components such as your body type.(Your silhouette)
For a more detailed analysis, please click here

Everyone, regardless of their size, age, height, or weight has a particular body type silhouette that will very much determine whether a certain clothing style will look flattering on or should be avoided. Determining and understanding the shape of your figure is quite easy but requires honesty with yourself. Knowing and utilizing this fact can help you shop with ease and confidence, chose much more suitable clothing styles, and dress very flatteringly on any budget, from any store or designer. Moreover, this simple knowledge lets you use a unique to your figure shape styling techniques that will improve your overall appearance and accentuate your true beauty.

There are four style principles involved when you are out shopping or getting dressed for the day: fit, proportion, color and personality.

We all have our own likes and dislikes when it comes to fashion and color (everyone knows the image consulting period, when you were told you if you are a winter, spring, fall etc) then what?– and then we find ourselves in a rut. After working in the boutique, I have come to understand that the area most run into problems is when it comes to fit and proportion.

You would be surprised to know that 70% of my clients had a vague idea they were choosing the wrong styles for their body type but did not know how to fix it. That is where this report comes in. Most customers also hide their true personalities. This is social conditioning.
Without fail, within 30 minutes of consultation, a vibrant and fearless personality always emerges. Love it!

I will give a basic run down of these shapes and if you would like more specific info about your body type, please email me at


To pick the right report for you, review the following illustrations to determine the silhouette that is closest to yours.

Hourglass: Shoulders and Hip are equal width, 8-10” difference between bust + waist and hip + waist .
If you have an hourglass shape, you are curvy overall, with a defined waist. Your hips and shoulders are similar width with a medium to large bust. You have fleshy upper arms of average size. Your legs are full at the thighs and rear, while your lower legs are slim and shapely. - think Oprah/Jessica Simpson

Rectangle/Oval/Apple: Shoulders and Hip are equal width, no defined waist (5-6” difference only). If your bust, waist and hips are similar size, then you have an oval, or apple, shape. This shape is also characterized by a small bust, slim arms and legs, an undefined waist, and square hips. Most of the weight is carried in the middle and upper torso. The legs are slender and arms are thin. The bust is larger than the hips are the buttocks are flat. think Rosie O'Donnell/Kate Hudson

Triangle: Hips are larger than Shoulders, small bust + small waist .Also called a pear shape, women with a triangle shape have more prominent hips, thighs and rear, and less prominent shoulders and bust. They also have a defined waist, and average to large legs. A woman with a pear shape body have a bust that is smaller than their lower half, and full round fleshy buttocks that are sometimes flat. think J.Lo/Beyonce

Inverted Triangle: Shoulders are larger than Hips, average to large bust with narrower hips.Women with an inverted triangle shape have a full bust, waist and upper back. They are less full in the hips, and have a flat rear. They also have a pronounced tummy and midriff, and slim arms and legs. They have a top heavy appearance, with broad shoulders and a full bust. The bust is larger than the hips. The hips, thighs, buttocks and lower legs are smaller in proportion to the upper half. think Pamela Anderson ,Catherine Zeta Jones

Each of these reports contain a description of your silhouette, your goals for dressing and celebrities who share your same body type
...Necklines, sleeves, tops, pants, skirts and jackets that are right for you
...What to wear and what to avoid, including eight outfit ideas for work, casual, going out, weekend, special events and your perfect black dress
...What to look for in shirts, pants, jeans, jackets and dresses in getting the perfect fit
...How to trick the eye if you have a long-waist, short-waist, or are petite
...The best jeans and designers for your silhouette
....An extensive list of shopping resources for apparel, jeans, plus-size, beauty and more

Friday, October 26, 2007

HYPERHIDROSIS.. stop worrying about messing up those pretty clothes...

You are not alone if you suffer from excessive sweating. Millions of people exhibit symptoms of hyperhidrosis--including excessively sweaty palms, sweaty hands, armpits and feet.
The good news is that a majority of these symptoms can be successfully treated.
Those that seek treatment, enter into a wondrous new lifestyle of comfort, confidence.
Read more

old lady arms, bingo wings,nana wobble, sugar gliders...

Bingo wings is a slang term used to describe the build-up of fat and or flaccid muscle that hangs from the underside of the upper arms. It occurs most frequently in elderly ladies and overweight people. The problem may also occur after significant weight loss, with flaps of loose skin remaining.

The term apparently originated from the bingo hall custom of raising one's arm aloft and bellowing "House!". This ties in due to bingo long being the entertainment of choice for large numbers of elderly ladies, especially in the United Kingdom.
British comedy show Bo' Selecta! popularised the term with a bizarre caricature of the EastEnders character Kat Moon (née Slater), who appeared constantly paranoid about people talking about her "big fat saggy bingo wings".

Other names for this phenomenon may include: 'auntie arms', 'tuck shop arms', 'dinner lady arms', 'nanna wobble', 'nan flaps', 'bat wings' and, predominantly in Australia, 'sugar gliders', in tribute to an Australian mammal that propels itself through the air with the aid of batlike folds of skin.
In the North of England this condition can also be known as "Family Fortune Arms" again referring to the old/fat contestants on the old TV game show "Family Fortunes" waving at the beginning of the show, with their "Wings" flapping in the breeze. In the US, the familiar term is "bye bye fat" because it will flap as the arm is held up to wave goodbye.

Brachioplasty [1], or 'arm lift', is a surgical procedure designed to reduce or remove bingo wings.
Exercises for bingo wings.

The term Bingo Wings is now also officially included in the most recent edition of Chambers Dictionary.

Just thought you should know!!!!! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The death of the Baby Doll style

If there is a woman over 40 who mourns the fact that the baby-doll dress is over, I don't know her.
It was arguably the dumbest fashion trend for anyone our age.
Empire waist, puffy sleeves, and excessive yards of billowing fabric placed directly at our midsections -- too much volume!
Good riddance to a style that made everyone look pregnant, no matter what her age.
The silhouette of the moment is still swingy, trapeze-style, and voluminous rather than skintight and straight, but the latest crop of dressy dresses exercises more volume control than the baby-doll ever did.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why our "flaws" are beautiful. Real women, real beauty

"I love my scar". Six real women celebrate their "flaws"

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

RULES ARE FOR FOOLS ... when it comes to fashion.

This is further proof that rules are for fools and one should be able to develop the knack to follow certain guideline to create their own individual and polished look—it’s about choices.

Sure, trying to palm off a lightweight wool brown jacket and lightweight wool black slacks as a matched suit is a little cheesy, but wearing a brown croc belt /brown boots with black pants and a black sweater is positively divine.

It’s not about “matching” colors, but about complimenting textures and fabric weights. Brown can be paired with black when the individual items are in harmony and balance with each other and then each color plays off the other as an accent, rather than as a coordinated set.
Custom made cashmere coat from $949.00 at Vivre Boutique


When wearing pinstripes, the hot menswear inspired pattern, you want to play off the man-tailored nature with something more feminine that pops.Highlight the pinstripe with something eye catching like a feminine blouse or a lace cami or organza blouse over that.

Try the new combination of mixing prints and patterns-- pair a delicate floral blouse that picks up the color of your pants, and throw a shrunken jacket over it. A more conservative, but sophisticated idea is to wear a gorgeous, crisp cotton shirt and a yummy colored ribbon belt with colors that complement the pinstripe. The idea is to keep the flow of color in flattering combinations rather than squash your style with run of the mill basics that have no oomph. Black flats are predictable, but fine.

Go ahead, have fun with fashion… I dare you!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Super Slimming Makeovers
Do your clothes make you look fat? Look like you've lost 10 pounds or more just by changing your clothes!


The secret to looking fantastic without making the obvious horrible fashion mistakes is to always start by putting together a core wardrobe.
What is a core wardrobe ? you ask. It is a wardrobe made up essentially of the core and key elements of a wardrobe. It means effortless dressing at all times.

It is the difference between going out every season and spending money on items you will never wear and having a wardrobe that pretty much withstands time.

The crucial ingredient in any good wardrobe in FIT.

You need to have the phone number of a good seamstress in your address book.

This is the one aspect you cannot compromise. Most of the clothing in stores are not made with your measurements in mind. The guess is an average 10, an average 12 and so on.
The next element is fabric. Look for gabardines, linens, silks, microfiber textures, cashmere and cottons as a guide. These materials look rich, and as a result make you look like a million dollars.
1.Look for a great PANTS SUIT. At this point, you can alter even if it is slightly bigger around the waist or hips. The area you want to pay attention to are the shoulders. MAKE SURE THE ITEM FITS THE WIDEST PART OF YOUR BODY. I feel that a solid black pants suit is a little bankerish, so I would suggest a black or grey with a soft stripe in a color of your choice.


I cannot overstress the importance of good underwear. It will make or break your outfit. Read how to measure for the correct bra.

3. WHITE SHIRT - Okay not the one featured but a classic simple white shirt. I will contradict myself at this point and also suggest a classic black shirt. I have tons. Not different to the naked eye but to me vastly different.:) As you continue to build your wardrobe, you can buy more fun tops every season.

4. Black Pants (Pants #1) - must in every wardrobe. These will go with everything in your wardrobe. Visit one of our image workshops where we teach you the basics of buying good pants. from knowing and determining the right pants for you, Crotch height, leg length etc
Available at Vivre Boutique from $75

5. GRAY PANTS ( Pants #2)
Forever neutral like the black pants but will change up your wardrobe in an instant. Pants #3 could be in a tan color.

6. Black Crew neck top. Need I say more? When you have one of these, you will wonder how you dd without them. Available in a spandex cotton fabric at Vivre Boutique from $49

7. GOOD BELT - I am a sucker for large buckles. They charge up your look and add a chunk of individuality to your appearance. However for the uninitiated, a great quality black belt with a classic gold or silver buckles works just as well. Available at Vivre Boutique from $49

8. SWEATER - At our workshops, you can determine what kind of sweater gal you are. Sleeveless, vest, long, twin set, argyle vest, turtle neck??? In any case, sweater is a great base in any wardrobe and is fantastic for layering.

Available at Vivre Boutique from $79

Women's Cashmere Skinny Rib Sweater

Brown Cotton Trench Coat by eDressMe Private Collection

A classic. Buy one every other season or so. You can wear them over dresses or pants or jeans for polished and finished look.

Eventually, buy one in red!!! Remember, the goal is effortless dressing.

10. WRAP DRESS - Go anywhere , anyplace. Universally flattering.

Available in November (black jersey)at Vivre Boutique $159

Solid Long Shirt Dress in Indigo

11. SHIRT DRESS - Perfect for cocktails, barbeque's, office parties, weddings etc.

Available at Vivre Boutique from $149

12. DENIM SUIT - Really optional but could be a powerful addition to your wardrobe.

13.JEANS - Invest in a great pair of jeans. Dress them up or down. Attend one of our workshops and let us show you the perfect pair of jeans for you.

A Happy Medium — Bootcut Jeans

This is the most universally flattering style in jeansville. Not too loose, not too tight.

In fact, I'll hazard a guess it would be Goldilocks' pick. They're cut relatively slender through hip, thigh and knee, then open up just enough at the ankle to accommodate a boot.

(Note — these aren't the jeans to choose if you want to show off your boots.

For that you'll need a skinny or straight cut that'll tuck in easily.)

And because this style is so ubiquitous and truly wearable, you can bag a few in the latest finishes and treatments and not worry that they'll drop off fashion's radar next week.

The trends du jour include a cleaner overall design, with less whiskering, fraying, embellishment and embroidery than we've seen in years past.

Uniform rinses, in inky dark hues or soft and natural blue shades, are showing up everywhere. Back-end detail is also calming down — I've heard the shocking news that fashionistas are beginning to eschew designer swirls for a more plain-pocket design.
Available at Vivre Boutique from $85.

THE FUN PART - Accessories
Accessories hold the power to pull a look together.
Buy quality accessories, not quantity acquiring the basics first.

1 Shoulder Bag or two or three or four . Some things are best left uncounted.

Invest in the best accessories you can afford.
1-2 pair of earrings in color or metal.
1 pin in your favorite metal (silver, gold, copper, bronze) for accent on your jackets. It will draw attention to your face.

1 Necklace, pearls or metal tone

2 pair of shoes in basic neutral color . 1 pair of boots and 1 pair of pumps

Email for more info on our workshops. info@vivreboutique


One Fabulous Fit available at

It is still always interesting that years after that mantra went out" 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, that 80% of women are still wearing the wrong size bra!!!!!

Women still buy one dress size up simply because they know the top does not fit right. Sometimes the simple solution to the problem, is to hoist the girls a little higher. The darts on the dress are supposed to hold/enhance (whatever) the breasts not be above them.

One good rule of thumb when all is said and done, is that your nipples must be aligned between your shoulders and your elbows. Hoist, hoist, hoist :)

Measuring for the correct bra size.
The Lilyette Minimizer Bra by Maidenform minimizes size, not shape.
Step 1: Determine Your Band Size
Wearing your best-fitting, unpadded bra, use a flexible measuring tape to measure around your rib cage, directly under the bust. Make sure the tape is flat and straight against your back and measure tightly.
If you come up with a fraction, round down if it's less than ½. Round up if it's 1/2 or more. For example, if your measurement is 30 and 1/4 inches, round down to 30. But if your measurement is 30 and 1/2, round up to 31.

Next, add 5 inches to your rib cage measurement. If you come up with an odd number, round up to the next even number (bras only come in even sizes). For example, if your rib cage measurement is 30 inches, adding 5 inches equals 35. You would then round up to the next even number, 36.
Write your even number down. This is your BAND SIZE.

Step 2: Measure Over the Bustline
Measure loosely around your chest at the fullest part of the bustline (usually across the nipples). Keep the tape measure horizontal, straight, and flat all the way around your body. Round up or down to the nearest whole number.

Write this number down. This is your BUSTLINE MEASUREMENT.
Step 3: Determine Your Cup Size
Subtract your BAND SIZE (step 1) from your BUSTLINE MEASUREMENT (step 2). The difference between the two determines your cup size.
If the difference is:
½ inch, your cup size is AA
1 inch, your cup size is A
2 inches, your cup size is B
3 inches, your cup size is C
4 inches, your cup size is D
5 inches, your cup size is DD

Here’s an example to follow:
Step 1: The ribcage measurement is 28. Add 5 inches to equal 33. Round up to the next even number. The BAND SIZE is 34.
Step 3: The difference between the BAND SIZE (34) and BUSTLINE MEASUREMENT (37) is 3 inches, so the cup size is C. Our example bra size is therefore, a 34C.

For fuller figures click here: Full Figure Fashion for a great selection of bras.

Now that you understand the three steps to determine your bra size, keep in mind that this measuring system is more of an approximation than an exact science. Unfortunately, there are no real industry standards for bra sizing, so fit may vary depending on the manufacturer and style.

  • It is also important to realize that every woman's body is unique. A woman's height and weight, and the volume, shape and spacing of her breasts may affect how different bras fit. Ultimately, a bra that is perfect for one woman may be totally wrong for another, even though they wear the same size.
    Shop Flexees Shapewear at
    To find the perfect bra for you, try on a variety of brands and styles for fit. This will take a bit of time and patience, but the bra size you determined from your measurements is a great place to start. Try to think of it as shopping for shoes-even though you wear a size 7, some 7s may not look or feel that great when you try them on. So hit the racks with your newly measured band and cup sizes in mind. And remember, if the bra fits, buy one in every color.

Read about underwear challenges faced by Stacy and Clinton on "what not to wear".

Tim Gunn ( Project Runway) 6 Fashion do's and donts for women over 40.

Sounds like Project Runway's Tim Gunn assumes that all women over 40 are overweight and out of shape!
His now famous list on Oprah of The Six Things Women over 40 Should Never Wear, might as well have been called, The Six Things Fat Middle Aged Women Should Never Wear!

We totally agree that horizontal stripes, jackets that hit at mid-thigh, pleated pants, double breasted blazers, Capri length pants, and low rise jeans do not flatter heavy or matronly bodies.
But if you're still looking fit and trim after 40, which many of us are these days, some of these styles will still work.
It's really more about the shape you are in rather than your age your age. Let your body be your guide.
For example, a pair of cute Capri length pants on a boomer body is a great alternative to shorts.

  • A double breasted jacket can still look classy and fashionable on a slim, mature woman.

  • A classic horizontal striped top (we're thinking of the cute navy nautical ones this spring) looks smart and sporty if you're toned up top and not overly busty.

  • As for pleated pants, well they look terrible on any woman with a tummy regardless of age, and since flat front pants are what's in style anyway, why even bother.

  • Ditto for jackets that fall at mid-thigh.

  • Low rise jeans, it's true, are most always best left to young tight bodies, but we think that slightly lower jeans, rather than those frumpy high waisted ones make you look more hip and they flatter most figures.

So go ahead break a few rules. Let your shape, not simply your age, help determine what you should and shouldn't wear if you want to be stylish at any age.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Vicki C. walks into the boutique looking absolutely fantastic. Now, get this she is wearing low riders, with skulls and crossbones etc on her tush, see through t shirt, just looking biker phenominal. Get this, she is in her forties and pills off this look like, wow!!!

I start to think, why can't I do this? Granted she works out 10 hours a day and most likely does not eat ( although she does look quite healthy).

Now, my biggest fear is looking foolish - Moi??? you say???

Now, since then, everywhere I have looked since then, all I see is crossbones, in your face glamchic all over the runways. Okay, let me try my version. I slip on an Ed Hardy t.shirt, jeans - NOT low riders of course - too much spillage, and a cute tweed jacket. Nobody laughed and I walked arond with a little more swagger to my step.

Check out our Sinful line, Salvage and Ed Hardy lines available in store to create your own version of biker chic.

House of Derriere??? Move over comes Tina.

Not content with simply dressing her daughter, Tina Knowles aka "Beyonce's mother" has churned out a line for the "forgotten woman" her own words, not mine aka not twenty something.
This line is aimed at the 30-50 year old woman and is available on the Home Shopping Network.

I expect to see belted sweaters, formal shorts (yikes), lots of sequins and more leopard spots than you can find in the zoo. Now, why does she not wear her own clothes. (yes, thats her in the picture looking absolutely fantastic -obviously not wearing her own designs)

Fashion after 40? Chic at any age?

Chic at any age - Really?
Ever notice that that every magazine you pick up these days has a headline like Fashionable at any Age, Sexy at any Age, or Stylish at any Age?
On the surface it seems like these magazines have finally woken up and realized that chic is not a number... that there are lots of fabulous looking, stylish women who happen to be 40+ and beyond.
The phrase at any age is their gentle codename for 40+ and they are using it ad nauseam to suck in the boomer crowd.

But the whole thing is really a bit of a joke because these magazines just don't deliver. They don't wholeheatedly celebrate women 40+ (with the exception of MORE magazine).
Typically fashion magazines focus on women in their 20's and 30's and throw in a token early 40's celeb or if you are lucky, maybe even a 50+er.

We've even seen magazines that show clothes they say are perfect for 50 year olds modelled on 20 somethings.
People magazine recently did a cover story about Chic at any Age and stopped at 59.

What??? are there are no chic women in their 60's, 70's and beyond? Have they all had it? Are they all a bunch of frumps. Did we die an early fashion death and go to frump heaven???
Send in your fabulous pictures or pictures of someone you know who is fabulous looking at 40+.
Also weigh in with comments.

Viewing Whoopi

Is it just me, or does anybody think Whoopi is representing on the View. She's funny and is still her own person. I met her a few years ago and what struck me was her persona. She had this personality that made you feel comfortable as if you had known her for a while.
Go Whoopi! and thanks for bringing dignity back.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Strapless Bras --- Do they work?

Strapless Bras? Do they work? Not if you are over a C cup size.

When you have that top or dress that just won't work with a traditional bra, there is always the option to use a stick on strapless, backless bra.

In case you have not heard of these, they are sticky pieces of silicone that you just stick on and go!

The best is from Nu Bra. This sticky, backless, stapless bra, is the original brand, and it is very comfortable and easy to put on and off.
However, let me add a disclaimer: If you have more than a small C cup, the strapless version will not work for you. But they are now making them with clear staps that will keep those puppies nice and lifted!

But the big question is do they really work?
Yes, they work just great under "sedate" conditions.
That means, if you plan on going out and dancing like a crazed women or if its really hot out, you could be in for some trouble.

Available at

Friday, October 5, 2007

Adventures in Manufacturing your own Line Part 1

My hats off to designers, manufacturers etc. Frankly everyone in the fashion industry, okay everyone with their own business.

I am a retailer who has just begun to manufacture.
I feel like a dog chasing its own tail for the most part.

This is why I have decided to put all my thoughts in one place.

I have decided to manufacture for the obvious reasons. The main reasons being profit margin, promotional and branding opportunities, and consistency of merchandise
(i.e. having more control over what I am able to sell). In exactly that order of importance.

For the most part, I am looking to produce products domestically, but you will get to a point where you feel the need to look towards another country for production.

Let me state that this is not to get the cheapest price, but rather to get access to skill or processes that are impossible to source in Canada. Dont mean to knock Canada, but whatever you need, they dont have it. Yet, the Canadian designers continue to produce amazing fashion

I decided it will be fun (or crazy) , most likely both, to chronicle my experiences with this process. I think it will be interesting, I will learn a lot, and who knows, maybe it will work.

Then again, maybe it won't. But with that I will begin to rant endlessly about this process and how it begun.
I have a book of ideas. I have a name, okay several names:), I often joke that I have more ideas than I have the money or time to pursue.

Everyone tells me I have good ideas, but the way its said, it always comes across as condescending, especially when my sisters say it.
Yeah, you always have good ideas......... Okay, maybe I am a little paranoid.

The ideas I have in my book are actually very good ones, viable product lines that have been well thought through from concept to customer, distribution, marketing and all.

The ideas are in the book because they all have some missing piece of the puzzle.

Either there is an input that needs to be sourced, a process that needs to be worked out, much more money to fund it, whatever.
But they sit in the book because one thing inevitably leads to another and the more I work in the industry the more puzzle pieces I collect.

A book like that is useful because it's often difficult to see one particular idea through from concept to customer, in a linear fashion.
Anyhow, I probably could tell this story without mentioning the book, but I think the book may be of importance later.

See you in a bit.

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