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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The secret to looking fantastic without making the obvious horrible fashion mistakes is to always start by putting together a core wardrobe.
What is a core wardrobe ? you ask. It is a wardrobe made up essentially of the core and key elements of a wardrobe. It means effortless dressing at all times.

It is the difference between going out every season and spending money on items you will never wear and having a wardrobe that pretty much withstands time.

The crucial ingredient in any good wardrobe in FIT.

You need to have the phone number of a good seamstress in your address book.

This is the one aspect you cannot compromise. Most of the clothing in stores are not made with your measurements in mind. The guess is an average 10, an average 12 and so on.
The next element is fabric. Look for gabardines, linens, silks, microfiber textures, cashmere and cottons as a guide. These materials look rich, and as a result make you look like a million dollars.
1.Look for a great PANTS SUIT. At this point, you can alter even if it is slightly bigger around the waist or hips. The area you want to pay attention to are the shoulders. MAKE SURE THE ITEM FITS THE WIDEST PART OF YOUR BODY. I feel that a solid black pants suit is a little bankerish, so I would suggest a black or grey with a soft stripe in a color of your choice.


I cannot overstress the importance of good underwear. It will make or break your outfit. Read how to measure for the correct bra.

3. WHITE SHIRT - Okay not the one featured but a classic simple white shirt. I will contradict myself at this point and also suggest a classic black shirt. I have tons. Not different to the naked eye but to me vastly different.:) As you continue to build your wardrobe, you can buy more fun tops every season.

4. Black Pants (Pants #1) - must in every wardrobe. These will go with everything in your wardrobe. Visit one of our image workshops where we teach you the basics of buying good pants. from knowing and determining the right pants for you, Crotch height, leg length etc
Available at Vivre Boutique from $75

5. GRAY PANTS ( Pants #2)
Forever neutral like the black pants but will change up your wardrobe in an instant. Pants #3 could be in a tan color.

6. Black Crew neck top. Need I say more? When you have one of these, you will wonder how you dd without them. Available in a spandex cotton fabric at Vivre Boutique from $49

7. GOOD BELT - I am a sucker for large buckles. They charge up your look and add a chunk of individuality to your appearance. However for the uninitiated, a great quality black belt with a classic gold or silver buckles works just as well. Available at Vivre Boutique from $49

8. SWEATER - At our workshops, you can determine what kind of sweater gal you are. Sleeveless, vest, long, twin set, argyle vest, turtle neck??? In any case, sweater is a great base in any wardrobe and is fantastic for layering.

Available at Vivre Boutique from $79

Women's Cashmere Skinny Rib Sweater

Brown Cotton Trench Coat by eDressMe Private Collection

A classic. Buy one every other season or so. You can wear them over dresses or pants or jeans for polished and finished look.

Eventually, buy one in red!!! Remember, the goal is effortless dressing.

10. WRAP DRESS - Go anywhere , anyplace. Universally flattering.

Available in November (black jersey)at Vivre Boutique $159

Solid Long Shirt Dress in Indigo

11. SHIRT DRESS - Perfect for cocktails, barbeque's, office parties, weddings etc.

Available at Vivre Boutique from $149

12. DENIM SUIT - Really optional but could be a powerful addition to your wardrobe.

13.JEANS - Invest in a great pair of jeans. Dress them up or down. Attend one of our workshops and let us show you the perfect pair of jeans for you.

A Happy Medium — Bootcut Jeans

This is the most universally flattering style in jeansville. Not too loose, not too tight.

In fact, I'll hazard a guess it would be Goldilocks' pick. They're cut relatively slender through hip, thigh and knee, then open up just enough at the ankle to accommodate a boot.

(Note — these aren't the jeans to choose if you want to show off your boots.

For that you'll need a skinny or straight cut that'll tuck in easily.)

And because this style is so ubiquitous and truly wearable, you can bag a few in the latest finishes and treatments and not worry that they'll drop off fashion's radar next week.

The trends du jour include a cleaner overall design, with less whiskering, fraying, embellishment and embroidery than we've seen in years past.

Uniform rinses, in inky dark hues or soft and natural blue shades, are showing up everywhere. Back-end detail is also calming down — I've heard the shocking news that fashionistas are beginning to eschew designer swirls for a more plain-pocket design.
Available at Vivre Boutique from $85.

THE FUN PART - Accessories
Accessories hold the power to pull a look together.
Buy quality accessories, not quantity acquiring the basics first.

1 Shoulder Bag or two or three or four . Some things are best left uncounted.

Invest in the best accessories you can afford.
1-2 pair of earrings in color or metal.
1 pin in your favorite metal (silver, gold, copper, bronze) for accent on your jackets. It will draw attention to your face.

1 Necklace, pearls or metal tone

2 pair of shoes in basic neutral color . 1 pair of boots and 1 pair of pumps

Email for more info on our workshops. info@vivreboutique

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