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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Diamond Body Type

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Description - you share a few similarities with the apple.
You have a smaller frame with narrow shoulders and back; medium, or smaller size bust and wider midriff with no defined waist.
Your body carries most of the weight in the middle section. Sometimes the waist is the largest measurement around the body. You have broad hips and generous thighs. At the same time, your buttocks may be flat and your lower legs are proportionately slender.


The Diamond Figure type has the following characteristics:
Shoulders are average or narrow
Face is proportionate to the body
Neck is well defined
Ribcage is average
Bust is small to medium size
Waist is undefined, carrying the weight in the front midsection with a potential for the “love handles”
Flat or average buttocks
Hips are usually medium to prominent
Thighs are slightly fleshy
Lower legs are shapely and proportionately slimmer to the overall body shape

Figure's Assets
The greatest Diamond Figure’s assets are:
Proportionate face, neck, and bust
Balanced thighs
Shapely legs
Great arms
Enhance and Balance

To enhance and balance the Diamond silhouette, the objective is to:
Balance narrow shoulders with softly squared off shoulder pads and horizontal, broadening necklines
De-emphasize tummy and a horizontal girth
Accentuate shapely legs
Draw the attention away from the midriff section to the face, shoulder, and neck areas

What to wear?

Jeans - make sure you stay away frm Tapered jeans. Once again, avoid the faded looks - dark rinses mostly. A classic boot cut jean works perfectly.

Tops- Tunics work best here. Assymetrical tunic tops etc.

Skirts - Once again, choose a skirt that flares gently frm the hips away from the body. Movement is essential in fitting your body type.

Jackets - choose a jacket that is loose on the bottom so that it does not pull across your hips or bottom, and choose tops that are fitted but flare out over your hips or thighs-

Dresses - A trapeze cut that once again flares gently and lots of movement is great for this figure type.

For a more detailed analysis of your body type, what to wear, where to shop. An excellent resource guide plus wardrobe planning tips plus a travel wardrobe planner are all included in our 25 page booklet. Its like taking your what not to wear team on a shopping trip.

Make fewer shopping mistakes.

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