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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fashion after 40? Chic at any age?

Chic at any age - Really?
Ever notice that that every magazine you pick up these days has a headline like Fashionable at any Age, Sexy at any Age, or Stylish at any Age?
On the surface it seems like these magazines have finally woken up and realized that chic is not a number... that there are lots of fabulous looking, stylish women who happen to be 40+ and beyond.
The phrase at any age is their gentle codename for 40+ and they are using it ad nauseam to suck in the boomer crowd.

But the whole thing is really a bit of a joke because these magazines just don't deliver. They don't wholeheatedly celebrate women 40+ (with the exception of MORE magazine).
Typically fashion magazines focus on women in their 20's and 30's and throw in a token early 40's celeb or if you are lucky, maybe even a 50+er.

We've even seen magazines that show clothes they say are perfect for 50 year olds modelled on 20 somethings.
People magazine recently did a cover story about Chic at any Age and stopped at 59.

What??? are there are no chic women in their 60's, 70's and beyond? Have they all had it? Are they all a bunch of frumps. Did we die an early fashion death and go to frump heaven???
Send in your fabulous pictures or pictures of someone you know who is fabulous looking at 40+.
Also weigh in with comments.

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