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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Have an Enchanted Thanksgiving!!

Become Enchanted

A true Disney classic sees the lights. Enchanted is the story about the beautiful princess Giselle, living in the animated fairytale world Andalasia.
When Giselle falls in love with the handsome Prince Edward, her mother, the evil queen Narissa is so upset she casts an evil spell on Giselle, sending her to a place of no love and harmony, real-life Manhattan.
The, now real-life princess in flesh and blood, must adapt to this crazy world of stress and shallowness, and find her way back to her truly Prince Edward.
While finding her way back to Andalasia, Giselle gets a whole new perspective of life.
A true fairytale!As soon as I saw the trailer, I knew I wanted to see this movie. It looks brilliant.

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