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Friday, November 30, 2007

How to dress for ... city shopping

When you find yourself in that wonderful position of What do I wear? ... the formula is pretty simple.

Follow these guidelines (in our "How to dress for"... series) and it truly does not matter who you run into, you will always look fabulous. These guidelines work for most silhouettes - Just remember proportions.

  1. A cover all great trenchcoat will make absolutely anything look fabulous.

  2. A great dress - Yes, do make a habit of wearing dresses or makeit a simple skirt and top.

  3. A great sports watch - gives an edge to anything. Make it, not in black.

  4. Sunglasses - Always.

  5. Flats - give them an edge by making them an animal print.

Here's our version! Enjoy!

Wool Melton button coat -Detailed with self-tie belt through looped waist, faux button flap patch pockets, non-functional buttons on long sleeves, and embroidered fleur-de-lis logo. Backside is finished with an inverted v-slit. Silky soft lining.

Wool Melton 3/4 Button Front

Python print flats for an ultra chic look. Available

Wristwatches available at

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