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Friday, December 21, 2007


While researching the price of cosmetic proceedures(for other people!, the prices were staggering and I came across severeal products that will do a good job ad will keep the signs of aging at bay. Some of these products I guarantee work in as little as a week.(you will see the difference)
Anyway, as I love to share with you, here goes. A restylane filler will set you back as much as $2,000. This product is available at for $110.

I find that the greatest teller of age are brown spots. This product is phenomenal for lifting age spots.

This botanical gel for hyperpigmentation is an advanced lightening formula combining four active ingredients to diminish discoloration and improve the overall health of the skin. Kojic acid and arbutin, natural alternatives to hydroquinone, work synergistically to help break up hyperpigmentation, while cucumber and thyme contain anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to soothe red, irritated skin. Active ingredients are delivered in a hyaluronic acid base to hydrate as they help heal, calm, and improve the appearance of the skin. Phyto+ can also be used to help reduce erythema and to maintain results following invasive cosmetic procedures.
Available at

I swear I have tried the entire Obagi line and I love to experiment. When I am very good about my skin care regimen, everyone asks ifI had a facelift. When I slack off, all I get is - "you look better now!- better than yesterday." Okay,don't ask and they won't tell you exactly what they mean.
This night eye cream product by Obagi Night Eye Cream fills in the missing piece of the anti-aging puzzle. Helps to improve elasticity for firmer, more youthful-looking skin. Works at night when your body naturally repairs to provide a visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Allows for the natural replenishment of elastin and collagen.
$76.5 Available at

Whatever you do, you must always moisturize,moisturize,moisturize! This B.Kamin moisturizer is a powerful anti-aging, anti-oxidant treatment emulsion, which helps rejuvenate, refine and lift fatigued, sallow complexions. This modern preparation is formulated using innovative technologies, including copper and zinc oligopeptides, alpha lipoic acid and our unique moisturizing Bio-Maple™ compound, to help reveal a remarkable resilient complexion. Useful for treating skin that is beginning to show signs of chronological aging and environmental stresses. Formulated with mineral aminopeptides, free radical scavengers, hydroscopic moisture-attracting molecules, physiological humectants and invisible film-forming occlusive technologies. This treatment preparation is also recommended for long-term use both before and after cosmetic surgical procedures. Available at $130

Don't spend $900 on lip fillers. An amazing gel formula that will instantly enhance your lips making them appear plumper, fuller, softer, and "kiss-able" in minutes. Contains all natural, safe ingredients including honey. Lasts for hours.In this two-piece kit is our Joey New York Super Duper Lipstick Pencil with Vitamin E for "extra" luscious looking lips. A neutral shade that blends-in with all lipstick colors and skin tones. Keeps lipstick from feathering and fading. Can be worn alone as a beautiful natural lipstick. A favorite among professional make-up artists.

$28 at

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