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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Are your feet as vital as your handbag and/or accessories???

I wont discuss my pedicure process here but I love handbags and sunglasses. I have one sister is obsessed by her feet and the other sister by her hands. I have a friend who spends who spends a fortune in costume jewelry. The one thing we all have in common is that we all think our obsessions are far more vital to life than the others obsession.

My sister thinks anyone who does not pay attention to her feet has lost the entire fashion game.
Here's the deal!

The average person walks about 8000 steps a day or 115 000 miles in a lifetime (that's the equivalent of circling the globe 5 times!). And yet, most of us sorely neglect our precious feet.

Treat yours to a biweekly foot massage to reduce stress, improve circulation,and soothe knots and tension in the arches and toes. Did you know that the skin on the bottom of the foot is 15 times thicker than facial skin!

Five Simple Steps for Soft Smooth Feet:

1.Wash and dry feet daily (especially between the piggies).
2.Remove dead skin cells by gently scrubbing corns, calluses and heels with a pumice stone.
3.Massage feet with Coconut Foot Creme to seal in moisture.
4.Wear clean cotton socks changed daily, and shoes that fit.
5.Whenever possible, go barefoot. Walking in sand is a great exercise for feet!
Feet Accompli is DERMAdoctor´s luxury foot treatment; it resolves and prevents symptoms of fungus, while providing unparalleled hydration, potent rejuvenating antioxidant protection and much-needed soothing relief. Plus it softens feet, too.


If you are prone to moisture buildup under the breasts or heavy skin fold areas? Known as intertrigo, this yeast infection of the skin will also rapidly respond to Feet Accompli.

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