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Monday, January 14, 2008

NAUGHTY NIGHTIES - NICE NIGHTS!! Viewer discretion advised:).

In keeping with the theme of Valentines Day, I went ahead and researched the nicest, naughties sleepwear I could find. Nothing skanky, just really sexy and won't make you look like you are trying too hard.
I am a fan of sexy lingerie, not that I wear them everyday, my reallife is a far cry from my fantasy life. These are just great items to own especially when you do make time for that special getaway when the sweats just will not do!
Some of my favorite lines for lingerie are the aptly named In His Dreams , Mio Destino (Mio Destino Link,) - who carry so many lingerie lines, and the harder to find Italian cotton club, which I promise to track down and see if it is available in North America.
To view more naughtynighties/nice naughties go to our website (viewer by discretion is advised)
The nightgown below is from "in his dreams". Gorgeously safe, sexy and priced right at $65.

If this next item features in your or his fantasies, be sure to get it. If nothing, you'll have a blast modelling it. This is the modern courtesan's " do not disturb" maids dress. This item is from the famed British Company "Mio Destino" they feature lots of great Italian, French,Brazilian and English lingerie lines. The apron is attached to the dress and the dress is 100%silk. The straps can be adjusted for a good fit. Priced at 160 pounds, its not cheap, but the enjoyment is priceless.
Mio Destino Link

The sumptuous full length silk Envy robe from Spoylt is accompanied by a unique diamante-crystal encrusted blind fold with long straps that can be used as a gorgeous belt.
Envy robe

For more styles, go to our site

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