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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The little black dress for your body type

Finding the perfect little black dress for yourself this holiday season should be a snap if you follow these simple guide lines.

Rule #1- Identify your body type. In order to get a little black dress that works for your body and your wardrobe, you have to understand what looks good on you -- a deceptively simple task.

Rule #2 - Identify your fabric. Go easy on the black dress made from matte jersey, make sure it fits, although that fabric is fluid and stretches for comfort (great for exercise pants), settle on a soft wool gabardine with a touch of Lycra that will hold its shape -- as well as yours.

For women with a more challenging body type, the best little black dress will be unstructured and of a fabric that does not drape (which means NO Lycra). The shape of this dress should be accented with individualized tailoring details, according to each woman's body shape.

Read What is your Silhouette? and identify your body type.

"Thalia" Black Print Wrap Dress by Monif C is a dress that suits practically ALL body types.

This versatile dress from Monif C proves that being stylish can be comfortable! Created in a luxurious matte jersey and featuring a silk belt, you’ll feel like you’ve spent your day in your pajamas rather than at the office on on the town.

RECTANGULAR: You are shaped a little like a boy, with a longer torso that goes right into your hips. This shape -- in which the torso and hips are often in a straight line -- is usually accompanies by a broader shoulder . Tyupically non-existent waistline but great shoulders.

Solution: Show off your assets. You need to create the illusion of curves by picking a dress with a slightly empire shape. Look for details like a line (piping or stitching) about three inches (7.5 cm) under the bust. This will give you a waistline where there is none and naturally enhance your bust.

Black and Ivory Lace Dress by Faviana
Demure yet sexy, this little black dress from Faviana is the ideal party dress. The open pattern lace has a dressy look and feel while the ribbon tie gives the dress a fun and flirty feel.

Black and Ivory Lace Dress by Faviana

HOURGLASS: You are a voluptuous woman, with a bigger chest, an indented waist, and a noticeable curve to your hips.
Solution: You will look best in an A-line dress that "grabs" your waist and flows out over your hips, accompanied by a fitted top with darts and a V-neck, which is particularly flattering to a larger bust line.

Black "Marilyn" Convertible Dress by Monif C

This is the DRESS of the season! The Marilyn Convertible Dress, inspired by vintage dresses, is your MUST have for the season! This dress ties many different ways (we’ve counted 22 so far) including as a halter dress, dress with sleeves, skirt, baby doll top, and every other way you can imagine. At our last fashion show, customers were even coming up with ways we never thought of!! You can wear this dress to one event and tie it a completely different way for your next event. No one will EVER know it’s the same dress! Get all 5 colors, buy one for your best friend and experiment different ways to tie it, you will love how this dress takes care of all your dressing needs this season!


TRIANGLE: You have wider shoulders and larger breasts with a torso that tapers down to an indented waist, slim hips and thin legs.
Solution: Look for a dress with a draped (perhaps even slightly blouson) top and fitted skirt that "grabs" you where you are slimmest: the lower half of your body.

Black Lace Long Sleeve Dresses by Tara Jarmon
The ideal dress to cover your arms elegantly. This feminine little black dress from Tara Jarmon is covered in lace and has all lace sleeves.
Black Lace Long Sleeve Dresses by Tara Jarmon
Black Stretch Metal Cocktail Dresses by Nicole Miller
Don’t wear that same old boring cocktail dress to your next event; wear Nicole Miller’s sexy fitted unique stretch metal dress. The contrast between smooth fabric on the sleeves and bust and the gathered hot metallic fabric from the waist down gives this dress edge and class. Wear this to your next party and grace everyone with your presence.
Black Stretch Metal Cocktail Dresses by Nicole Miller

INVERTED TRIANGLE: (Pear Shaped) You have wide hips and a slim torso.

Solution: Your shape will be enhanced by a fitted top and straight skirt that is wider at the hip and falls straight (a "pipe" shape), unlike a pencil skirt that tapers at the knee.
A dress wit just the right amount of swing works wonders. Make sure the swing begins bfore the widest point of the hips.
Black and White Party Dresses by Lilly Pulitzer
This elegant cocktail dress from Lily Pulitzer is the ideal party dress when you want a dress that is sophisticated and not too revealing.

Black and White Party Dresses by Lilly Pulitzer

Red Carpet Black Coats by Nanette Lepore
This is the ideal coat for the holidays. Give your outfit just the right finishing touch with this ruffle front coat.

Red Carpet Black Coats by Nanette Lepore

Happy Entertaining and Socializing.!

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