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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Plastic Surgery - Worth the risk?

I have always wanted to discuss plastic surgery and never quite got round to doing it. Now is as good a time following the death of Kanye West's mother following a routine breast augmentation and tummy tuck. (R.I.P)
She follows in the path of public figures who die from comlications resulting from plastic surgery.
The wife of the former president of Nigeria - Stella Ọbasanjọ died of complications from an operation at a private health clinic in the southern Spanish resort town of Puerto Banus, near Marbella, on 23 October 2005, where she had undergone plastic surgery and the late James Browns' wife Adrienne who died on 6 January 1996 in California from complications following plastic surgery.
Now, about Dr. Jan Adams, the plastic surgeon who performed the proceedures, I always thought he was (is) so good looking and smart. He hosts the Discovery Health Channel's "Plastic Surgery: Before and After" and, in the United Kingdom, "Cosmetic Surgery Live." He also is the author of "Everything Women of Color Should Know About Plastic Surgery."
He has been on Oprah and was a celebrated surgeon. Now, he is being crucified as expected.

When a public figure dies, you wonder how many regular people have died before that.
Stating the obvious - I am in the fashion business and know the value and importance of looking great. Not just good, but great. Then add to that, the glare of the camera and images that are transmitted in a millionth of a second round the world. This is what celebrities face but since when, did breast augmentations and tummy tucks become routine?

I have always fantasized about plastic surgery but was too chicken to decide what needed fixing. ( Somehow I suspect everything would)
Years ago, my sister and I discussed plastic surgery and she came back after research, gasping " Its surgery!!!!!!". I though she was very funny then but unfortunately, people do forget that this is surgery that requires anaesthesia, drugs etc.
Bottom line is that it is still an individual choice, plastic surgery is still something you cannot rush into. If you're thinking about plastic surgery, find out as much as you can about the specific procedure you're considering and talk it over with doctors.
Once you have the facts, you can decide whether the surgery is right for you.

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