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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stella McCartneys' one legged silver pendant? Ouch.

Heavens, I never really thought I would blog on celebrities, but I found this too amazing. Stella McCartney unveiled a $500 silver pendant of a single leg in Paris to fashion industry insiders last month. Is this edgy or just in bad taste?
Stella is the 36 year old daughter of Sir Paul McCartney, who is going through a publicly bitter divorce with Heather Mills, his second wife (Stella's mother Linda was married to Paul for 29 years before she passed away in 1998). Stella was never supportive of the marriage to Mills, and when they wed in 2002, she refused to design her wedding dress.
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I truly do not care much for Heather Mills but..... you gotta love this level of bitchiness:)

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