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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Personal Shopping - What a stylist can do for you.

Quick, what is your vision of personal shopper?

An American Express Gold Card. A chauffeur-driven town car. A rack full of designer dresses. These are the things you would think are the staples of a stylist's world. Sigh. If only it were so, but the truth is not nearly so glamorous.
No, here they are - the three essentials a stylist would be lost without are a good tailor, a steamer and good biceps.
Anyway, I digress, I just returned from a wonderful personal shopping trip with "M" and "S".
We had a blast - it always helps when the client has a sense of fun and will come out of the change room.
We bought an entire wardrobe for, in my opinion, mere pennies plus boots.
Now, I own her, for everytime I see her, she has absolutely no excuse not to look fabulous. Now, all she has to do is personalise the wardrobe. Put her own stamp on it and own her look. Work it!!! You are truly beautiful ladies- inside and out.
There are a few pants that need to be altered, sleeves that need to be shortened.
This may seem like a lot of work but all well-pulled together women usually have someone wielding a needle on their behalf.
Keep in mind that the person handling alterations at your local dry cleaners may not have the skill or the eye to make you look your best. A good test is to see how that person would handle a pair of pants that are too big in the waist: do they want to take in the pants just at the back seam (which may leave you looking bunched up at the rear) or will she add a couple of darts as well? And don't skimp on your tailor! A bad one can ruin something just as quickly as a good one can make something perfect.
Here's the equation -
Personal Stylist + Less clothing mistakes + Save you money = A gorgeous you.

Next trip ladies, New York. Love you.

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