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Monday, November 5, 2007

What? - Apparel for women who dont want to be called middle aged ...

They said Whaaaaat????
Clothes for middle-age women who don't want to dress like middle-age women." Could this be stating the obvious and exactly how do middle aged women dress?
Marketing to women of the baby boomer generation is a challenge for retailers, because many of these shoppers don't want to dress like traditional middle-aged women or shop in stores designed for that age group.
A number of retailers are trying to capture this market with new concepts: Bloomingdale's is launching a department called Quotation, which markets casual clothes for sophisticated mothers and female professionals, and Ann Taylor and Chico's are both planning new lines.

"Retailers are once again trying to target one of fashion's most elusive markets:
Is it me or are the clothing manufacturers and designers so far off base that you wonder if they have anybody older than 19 working for them? Click here to Watch the video.

How old is the sales girl? and the reporter? What a sell out!

I really find so much of this stuff insulting. Read more

But the fashion industry has struggled to appeal to such a broad consumer group, which ranges from traditional types who prefer flat shoes and ankle-length skirts to women who resemble characters from "Desperate Housewives."

Dear God,I think truly the term they should coin is boomerang. As in Boomer (okay you get it). I wasn't really going anywhere with that:). I know this group is very confusing as we all look so mahvelous but don't you think by now, that they should be getting it. After years of working in the store, this is what I know for a fact.

  • The average woman is size 4 and 22. Dont try to pin it down to one size.
  • The average woman is 4ft 10 to 6 ft. You cannot make this a science.
  • The average woman hates too much spandex in her clothes, because she thinks she has back fat.
  • The average woman does not like tight clothes because she thinks she has belly fat.
  • The average woman wants to look good and comfortable without feeling she has to go through a math quiz trying to figure out her clothing options.
  • The average woman wants knowledgeable sales staff - not teenagers selling clothing

Here's what Michael!!!!! had to say"Michael Fink, women's fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue, says it's difficult for older women to figure out what's age appropriate, especially given the dizzying array of fashion brands available at every price level. "I am even overwhelmed when I go to the selling floor," he says. Poor Michael-he truly can relate.

It carries on:Younger models with long flowing hairstyles now appear in Chico's ads, along with middle-age models with shorter graying hair

This is my conclusion "Several retail initiatives are targeting a big-spending but tough crowd: boomer women" As long as they know that.

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