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Friday, January 4, 2008


The other problem is what fashion has done to their shape in the last half-decade, viz the pelvic-cut contagion that has swept the market.
J Brand Bardot High Rise 12
But now things - waistbands in particular - are looking up. The arrival of the new "high-rise" jean earlier this year brought a glimmer of hope - though admittedly it was tempered by a fear of Simon Cowell-type waistlines that lasted well into the 1990s (check any photos of Diana, Princess of Wales in jeans for proof).

On close inspection, though, this latest swing of fashion isn't a repeat of the past, and nor is it going in just the one direction. Waists might be up (in some designs), but now they come attached to skinnies, flares, parallels, bell-bottoms, boy-cuts, ankle-crops, jodhpur-jeans, rocker spray-ons, you name it. The only way to get back into the fray is with proper guidance.
Still, shopping online can't guarantee perfect tooling for the unique chassis you happen to be blessed with. Welcome to denim hell.
The most fashionable jean of the moment - is a pair of Californian J Brand 22-inch bellbottoms, with a crucial 10-inch rise.
Plain, dark, flattering. Makes thighs look thin, but you have to dress differently. You need a heel and a tucked-in top. These are J Brand 814 High Rise Jean - As Seen On Ellen Pompeo!

Like J Brand (styled by Susie Crippen), James Jean is another brand engineered for women by a woman, Seun Lim, in California. In what used to be a ruggedly male-dominated specialist world, I can't help seeing a pattern emerging here - and about time, too.
Hunter High Rise Straight Leg in Mercury

Above, is the Hunter High Rise Straight Leg in Mercury
Known for their angled back pockets that gives a slimming and uplifted appearance to your rear, James Jeans truly have an amazing fit. The Hunter High Rise Straight Leg in Mercury is a flattering and unique jean. The jeans are a lighter wash and feature the signature James Jeans pockets with a floral grey design.

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