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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fashion forecast: Sheer pleasures of being a lady return in '08

It's that time of year again — out with the old and in with the new. But before you declare war on your closet, let our experts show you how to pack the perfect punch of panache. USA TODAY gets the fashion forecast for 2008 from some of the industry's most in-the-know trendsetters.

I completely agree with the ins. I dont get why wrap dresses and pencils skirts are out though??

  • Wide-leg pants
  • Sheath dresses
  • Dressing like a woman (sheer, sexy)
  • Bright, bold colors and prints
  • Highly textured fabrics
  • Sheer blouses
  • The trench coat
  • Small clutches
  • Full A-line skirts
  • Floral dresses
  • Skinny jeans ( only for the truly skinny)
  • Dresses with an empire waist
  • Dressing like a little girl (baby-doll dresses)
  • Neutrals
  • Fabrics without embellishment
  • Peasant blouses
  • The puffer coat ( there's a reason its called a puffer)
  • Oversize bowling-style bags
  • Pencil skirts ******
  • Wrap dresses *****
  • Man trouser for women (WHY????)
  • Slouchy hobo bags
  • Hippie beads and bangles
  • Suede slouchy boots
  • Flapper meets boho

Have fun, being a woman is hard enough but we get to play dress up every day. So have fun and be a lady.

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