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Thursday, January 17, 2008

REMEMBER JUMPSUITS?? ...Theyr'e back!

Karen Zambos Vintage Couture V Neck Jumpsuit

Karen Zambos Vintage Couture V Neck Jumpsuit

Thanks to Jennifer Lopez and the denim "Frankie B" number she wore on her album cover (and her "Saturday Night Live" hosting gig), jumpsuits are now big news.

I have always been a fan of jumpsuits and everytime I suggested them in the store, I always get an 'scuse me??? These are not the jumpsuits of way back when, the new jumsuits are sexier and definitely more - according to the February issue of British Vogue, they are the "busy fashion lover's new best friend"The stretchy one-pieces have sprung back to life, Jumpsuits are poised to become a national epidemic. On the plus side, looser jumpsuits are, on the whole, flattering for real women with curves."

Basic dos and don'ts if you choose to embrace this trend.
• Choose soft, loose fabrics that you can wear with a belt, heels and a chunky necklace.
• Go boho with a wide, ethnic print scarf, wide sash, bangles and chunky sandals or wedges.
• Wear hair loose, flowing and feminine, not tied back and boyish.
• Layer up. Unzip or unbutton a utilitarian style and wear a contrasting T-shirt underneath.

• Try boxy, wide-leg styles if you are short or plump.
• Wear Doc Martens or trainers. Glamour is key.
• Go for playsuits unless your legs are up to scrutiny.
• Wear it skin-tight.

I am sure this piece of information is completely irelevant to the above topic but Bill Belew, the creator of Elvis' garments passed away on January 7th. Just thought you'd like to know. Read more

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